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Diagnostic Radiology and Cancer: What You Should Know

Whether you are having a mammogram or an MRI to detect cancer, there is someone behind the screen looking at the images and making a professional diagnosis. It’s not the Wizard of Oz, but a doctor and well-trained diagnostic radiologist who interprets the images, makes a diagnosis, and issues a report. Here’s what you should know about diagnostic radiology and cancer:.

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Fluoroscopy: What to Expect

Fluoroscopy is an imaging tool doctors use to look inside your body similar to an X-ray. However, this test shows your body and organs moving, and then depicts it on a computer screen. Sounds like something from the future, but it is used frequently, and physicians can learn how your body is working in detail. If you are scheduled for a fluoroscopy, here’s what to expect.

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Can Imaging Tests Diagnose Dementia?

If you have known someone suffering from dementia, you know how it not only impacts the person diagnosed, but their entire family is affected as well. It is insidious as it progressively becomes worse, and the person becomes diminished as the condition interferes with their daily life. It seems like it would be useful to be forewarned. Can imaging tests diagnose dementia?

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What Injuries Can An X-ray Detect?

An X-ray is one of the earliest imaging tools doctors have for diagnosing many medical issues. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation and was discovered in 1895 by the German physicist Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen. Little did he know how useful this would be for the next century and beyond. So, exactly what injuries can an X-ray detect?

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Are Imaging Tests Safe For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant patients who need to undergo medical imaging often question if certain scans will affect their baby. It is generally safe to have imaging tests while a woman is pregnant under the recommendation of your physician, and no harm will come to your growing baby. There are reasons for this, and some caveats to consider.

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What A DEXA Bone Scan Tells You About Your Bone Health

Regular health screenings are essential for maintaining optimal health, and colon cancer screenings, mammograms, blood tests, and skin cancer screenings are all vital measures for preventing serious diseases or catching them at an early stage. As we age, a DEXA scan can provide valuable insight into our bone health. By undergoing a DEXA bone scan, you can obtain information that can help you prevent or manage osteoporosis. Discover the benefits of a DEXA bone scan and how it can contribute to your overall well-being.

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How Much Does A Radiology Exam Cost?

Would you buy a new car without knowing the price? Of course you wouldn’t. So why should you accept that the cost of your healthcare is a secret and not transparent?

The correct answer is you shouldn’t. If Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center recommends you have an X-RayMRI or other type of radiology exam, it’s time to do your homework and find out how much a radiology exam actually costs.

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Benefits Of Going To An Outpatient Imaging Center

Your physician has referred you for an MRI or other imaging scan, but many patients are not aware that they have a choice of facilities. You don’t necessarily need to go to a hospital setting for your test. You can choose an outpatient imaging center, and in fact, there are multiple benefits of going to an outpatient imaging center instead of a hospital.

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