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Demystifying the Safety Measures of MRI Procedures

Today’s physicians have so many advanced tools to diagnose illness, cancer, or other abnormalities in our bodies. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is one of the most utilized and valuable of these tools. Nevertheless, some individuals are still frightened that they are dangerous and unsafe. It’s time to finally begin demystifying the safety measures of MRI procedures.

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Are MRI Scans Safe For Children?

Are MRI scans safe for children? Your child’s doctor would never recommend a procedure that could be harmful to your child. So, yes, MRI scans are safe for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Radiology both agree. However, there is a necessary screening process for certain devices that might be implanted in your child’s body.

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Using MRI To Diagnose Alzheimer’s

Wouldn’t it be great if doctors and neurologists could diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease before there were any symptoms? They could target the disease before irreversible brain damage ensued. There are studies right now looking at strategies to secure that earlier diagnosis. One such involves using MRI to diagnose Alzheimer’s.

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Why You May Need An MRI Of The Brain

Any medical test of your brain can be scary, so it is understandable that you might panic and jump to conclusions about why you may need an MRI of the brain. Don’t panic, and don’t forget, an MRI is a diagnostic tool doctors also use to find any issues before they can become more serious. They also give your doctor some answers about what should be your next treatment options.

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off An MRI During The Pandemic

There are multiple and significant reasons why you shouldn’t put off an MRI during the pandemic. Some will be obvious, but others may surprise you. In the beginning of the pandemic many critical tests and routine preventatives were postponed, but now as the levels of the virus decrease, there is no reason to postpone your MRI. Here’s why.

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Things You Should Know Before An MRI Scan

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan, or MRI, is one of the greatest tools physicians have for diagnosing many conditions that an X-Ray can not. It looks at organs inside the body using a large magnet and radio waves. If your physician has referred you to have one, here are important things you should know before an MRI scan.

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Top Diagnostic Imaging Tests to Use When Dealing with Cancer

Anyone who is having new or unusual symptoms often worries about the possibility of cancer as the cause. In these cases, the very best scenario is an early diagnosis, which is crucial to prevent the spread of cancerous cells and to increase the chances of success after treatment. To accomplish this, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center uses various imaging tests to both diagnose and monitor the patient during treatment.

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