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When To Have A Bone Density Scan For Osteoporosis

A bone density test is a helpful tool which screens for problems with your bones before they happen. They can also monitor progress if you have osteoporosis. If you’re concerned about your bone density or risk for osteoporosis, you may be wondering when to have a bone density scan.

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What A DEXA Bone Scan Tells You About Your Bone Health

Regular health screenings are essential for maintaining optimal health, and colon cancer screenings, mammograms, blood tests, and skin cancer screenings are all vital measures for preventing serious diseases or catching them at an early stage. As we age, a DEXA scan can provide valuable insight into our bone health. By undergoing a DEXA bone scan, you can obtain information that can help you prevent or manage osteoporosis. Discover the benefits of a DEXA bone scan and how it can contribute to your overall well-being.

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Reasons for Getting a Bone Density Scan

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Bone density scans evaluate the health and strength of your bones. Typically, results are reported as a “T score,” which would be the bone density of a younger woman, or a “Z score”, which means your bone density is comparable to people of the same age. A number is then associated with the score. The more negative the number, the greater the bone loss.

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