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How to Prepare Your Child for an X-ray

Pediatric X-rays are common, painless, and safe. Radiologists use the minimum amount of radiation to get the best results. X-rays are used to image bones, organs and other parts of the body to determine any number of illnesses, broken bones, or to locate foreign objects that might have been ingested. They can still be scary for children, so let’s provide some guidelines on how to prepare your child for an X-ray.

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Is It Safe to Get An X-ray While Pregnant?

Most women understand they should be wary of smoking and drinking during their pregnancy. In addition, certain medications can be harmful to your baby and should be avoided, and, of course, illicit drugs are dangerous for both you and your baby. Common tests like an ultrasound are routinely performed during pregnancy, but is it safe to get an X-ray while pregnant?

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7 Signs and Symptoms of a Wrist Fracture

A wrist fracture is essentially the same thing as a broken wrist, and let’s face it, if you break your wrist, it’s probably going to result in plenty of pain. Depending on the severity of the break, various treatments may be recommended, but how do you know if it’s a fracture and not just a sprain?

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5 Types Of X-Rays And How They Are Used

X-rays and other imaging technologies are critical tools in the diagnosis of various medical conditions. From common issues like toothaches to complex diseases such as breast cancer, the use of X-rays has revolutionized the way physicians identify and treat conditions. Without these imaging technologies, physicians and patients alike would be left to speculate and rely on guesswork to make informed medical decisions. Thanks to X-rays, patients can receive accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments, leading to better health outcomes.
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How A Chest X-ray Can Help Diagnose Conditions Like COPD

Chest X-Ray in Dallas TexasA one time chest X-ray can help diagnose conditions like COPD, but even more importantly, it can be used to determine how a particular disease is progressing or if a prescribed treatment is working. In this case, a series of chest X-rays will be ordered so the doctor can quickly see any changes or improvements.

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Roller Coasters, Summer Activities, And Your Spine

Couple at Amusement ParkThe dog days of summer are approaching with warm weather and vacation plans.

Perhaps you have a road trip nearing that you’ve been planning for months. Maybe you just want to have a “staycation” this year and do some gardening and chores around the house. Whatever form your relaxation takes, always be aware of your spine. No one wants to arrive at their destination or come home with back pain.

Let’s look at some warm weather snafu that can ruin your summer fun.

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X-rays Dallas, TX

xray dallas tx

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center performs digital x-ray imaging to children and adults throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Digital x-ray is a great option for children because it is faster and the image quality is enhanced, which magnifies areas of interest. The quality and precision of digital x-rays also reduces the amount of exposure needed, which is safer for children. Still wondering if x-rays are safe for your child? Here are a few facts to inform you on the possible risks that are involved in radiation for children.

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