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Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center performs digital x-ray imaging to children and adults throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Digital x-ray is a great option for children because it is faster and the image quality is enhanced, which magnifies areas of interest. The quality and precision of digital x-rays also reduces the amount of exposure needed, which is safer for children. Still wondering if x-rays are safe for your child? Here are a few facts to inform you on the possible risks that are involved in radiation for children.

Are X-Rays Safe for Children?

X-rays are the most common imaging test. They allow physicians to get a closer look at the bones and organs in your child’s body.According to physicians, x-rays are safe, but they do come with the potential for risks in extreme cases. Here are a few issues that could arise in extreme circumstances:

  • Cancer – If a child receives more than 300 x-rays a year, it could increase the child’s risk of getting cancer by a mere one percent.
  • Cell Damage – Radiation that passes through the body can cause damage to cells. However, the amount of cells damaged in electromagnetic radiation is far less compared to the amount of cells damaged when a child is on an airplane. Most of the time, the cells that die are replaced quickly, especially in growing children.
  • Reproductive Organ Damage – Excessive radiation can result in miscarriages later on in life. They can also cause gene mutations that may cause issues in children later on. If a child is exposed to radiation frequently, the radiologist must take extra care in shielding the areas of the child’s body that don’t require exposure.

Preparing a Child for an X-ray

Though the procedure is painless, it’s important to inform your child about the process prior to the visit. Use the following tips to prepare your child for an x-ray:

  • Explain to your child that they will be having pictures taken so they are aware of what the machine is doing
  • Bring books or games to the appointment so the child is relaxed prior to getting the x-ray.
  • If you have other children, make arrangements for them for the appointment so you are able to give your child one on one attention.
  • Bring a snack or treat for after the exam so your child has something to look forward to.


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