Reasons for Getting a Bone Density Scan

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Bone density scans evaluate the health and strength of your bones. Typically, results are reported as a “T score,” which would be the bone density of a younger woman, or a “Z score”, which means your bone density is comparable to people of the same age. A number is then associated with the score. The more negative the number, the greater the bone loss.

Who Needs to Get Bone Density Scans?

1.Men and women over the age of 65

Though women are more susceptible to the effects of bone density loss, both men and women should get bone density scans. As you age, bones become thinner because you start absorbing more calcium than is being created by your body. At this age, most insurance companies cover the cost of the scan.

2. Post-menopausal women

After menopause, estrogen, which plays a major role in building bones, drops significantly. Getting regular bone density scans can help detect osteoporosis before it causes health problems.

3. People taking steroidal medication

Long-term use of steroidal medication for allergic reactions and autoimmune flares can cause bones to weaken.

4. Anyone who has lost height

If you’ve lost more than two inches in height, your doctor might suggest a bone density scan to see if you have a compression fracture in your spine.

Bone Density Scan Dallas, TX

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center provides patients throughout Dallas, TX with bone density scans. The DEXA calculates Bone Mineral Density (BMD), a measurement used to estimate bone strength and the likelihood of breakage and/or fracture. Call (214) 345-6905 for information.