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Using MRI To Diagnose And Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders

Known as MRI, magnetic resonance imaging uses radio waves, a computer, and a magnetic field to produce clearer and more detailed images than other types of tests. This is why more physicians are using MRI to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders in major joints, the spine, and soft tissues.

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What’s the Difference Between a Breast MRI and a Mammogram?

No woman looks forward to getting a mammogram. The squeezing and pushing is certainly no fun, but it is the best screening tool to detect breast cancer.  However, there are many other examinations such as a breast MRI that can be used by Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center to diagnose cases of abnormal breast tissue.

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MRI for Children?

Any time a radiology procedure is done, there is some concern of the long-term effect on the human body because of exposure to radio waves, magnetic energy, or other any other “invisible” wave. As people become increasingly aware of their children’s health, we see that a lot of people are concerned with the safety of an MRI for their children.

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Men’s Health Awareness Month in Dallas

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Awareness Month? Unfortunately many men suffer from common diseases such as heart disease, prostate cancer and many more ailments. However, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center of Dallas is here to help. Many of our services, specifically MRI’s, are used to detect these issues and stop them before they become an issue.

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