How to Prepare my Child for an MRI

Child getting ready for MRIAn MRI is a painless, safe test that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of body’s organs. Even though it’s perfectly safe, it’s important to know how to answer questions if your child is concerned.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your child for their upcoming MRI:

  • Watch a video that explains what an MRI does. Making sure your child has all the information they need before going into the test is the most important step. Explain it in simple terms so they feel comfortable and understand the process.
  • Warn them about the noises an MRI makes. The most frightening part about an MRI is the noise, so it’s important to warn them before the test is done. To help with the noise, you can bring headphones so they can listen to music.
  • Talk about the length of the exam. An MRI usually take between 30 and 45 minutes. Help your child come up with strategies, such as counting, singing, or meditating, so they’re able to sit still for the entire time.
  • Be honest about the medications they might need. While most children only have to drink something called contrast that helps the doctor see the pictures of their body better, it’s possible they might need an IV too. If they do, listen to the doctor about how to explain it in simple terms.
  • Bring items that comfort your child. It’s suggested that children bring blankets or toys that bring them comfort so they are able to stay relaxed throughout the MRI.
  • Give them something to look forward to after the procedure is done. Take them out for ice cream or the toy store after the MRI so they have something to look forward following the exam.

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