MRI for Children?

Any time a radiology procedure is done, there is some concern of the long-term effect on the human body because of exposure to radio waves, magnetic energy, or other any other “invisible” wave. As people become increasingly aware of their children’s health, we see that a lot of people are concerned with the safety of an MRI for their children.

What is an MRI?

MRI for childrenMRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a tool used in diagnostic imaging that pulses a magnetic field to be able to see detailed images of the structure of bones and organs. Unlike CAT/CT scans, MRIs use no radiation. MRIs are generally used for diagnosing:

  • eyes
  • ears
  • cardiovascular system
  • concussions

Sometimes, an MRI can get a better image than an X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, depending on the situation.

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Why Would my Child Need an MRI?

Much like in adults, an MRI is used to see things such as the structure of the heart or bloodflow through the cardiovascular system, check infected wounds – which are very common in children, check for cancer and/or tumors, detailed analysis of the brain – which is perfect for active children who might sustain a head injury. MRIs are also used as a way to look at the brain for the causes behind headaches, fatigue, seizures, or blurry vision.

Are MRIs Safe for Children?

We’ve heard parents be concerned that having a CT scan or an MRI scan may be dangerous for their child’s safety – they cite fear of cancer. There is a very small amount of radiation used in most diagnostic imaging procedures, as any ACR Accredited Radiology Group will know, especially in low-dose radiology. MRIs, however, don’t use any ionizing radiation. Thus, there should be no concern of cancer developing as a result of radiation.

The really scary part of the MRI for Children is convincing them to stay still for 20-60 minutes!

Things to be Aware Of

Since an MRI uses magnets, any pieces of metal that might be in the child’s body will be dangerous. Be aware of any metal in the child’s body before getting an MRI, including things like:

  • Diabetic Pump
  • Piercings
  • Metal Plates from Surgeries

The radiologist should also be made aware of any kidney or liver disease if a sedation is used (sometimes necessary in younger children, or children with attention issues).

Pediatric MRI in Dallas, Texas

If you have a child that needs an MRI, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center has extended hours, and ACR Accreditation. You can set up appointments at (214)-345-6905. Note – you may need a pediatrician to refer you. If you do, have your pediatrician go onto our website and click the “For Physicians” tab so that they can send a referral from our system.

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