Why You Shouldn’t Put Off An MRI During The Pandemic

There are multiple and significant reasons why you shouldn’t put off an MRI during the pandemic. Some will be obvious, but others may surprise you. In the beginning of the pandemic many critical tests and routine preventatives were postponed, but now as the levels of the virus decrease, there is no reason to postpone your MRI. Here’s why.

The Value Of The MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is a tool used by doctors to aid in making a clear diagnosis and plan any needed treatment. It shows your physician the images inside your body of healthy tissue vs. any problem areas like a tumor.

A subsequent MRI also helps doctors to see the progress made (or not made) with the current treatment plan. It is an invaluable way for Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center to observe the response to medications, radiation, or other treatments.

Significant Risks To Postponing An MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging scan device in Hospital

As of June 30, 2020, the CDC told us that 41% of US adults had delayed or avoided medical care because of the pandemic. If you were one of those people, we hope you have returned and are getting the medical care you need. Those decisions continue to have a profound effect on many individuals and the country as a whole.

Getting timely medical care is essential to maintaining your health. It is better not to procrastinate and risk the progression of the disease. It could also lead to a decline in your overall health and the possibility of needing emergency care later.

When patients delay or avoid medical care they risk the following:

  • Increased morbidity and risk of mortality with an otherwise simple and treatable condition
  • An increase in excess deaths either directly or indirectly related to COVID
  • A significant increase in preventable disease
  • May become more susceptible to the virus

Someone with either unmonitored diabetes or hypertension risk having a heart attack or stroke.

Someone with asthma or COPD may find they are creating more problems with their lungs and respiratory system.

Chronic diseases can increase the severity of COVID especially if patients are not being monitored by their physician due to cancellations or delaying appointments. At the same time, they are increasing their chances of contracting the virus.

No Reasons To Delay

The benefits of undergoing your MRI as scheduled can have significant benefits for your immediate and long-term health.

If you are still worried about having an MRI or other test in a hospital or another type of facility, there is nothing to fear. All the guidelines to keep both you and everyone around you safe have been implemented and remain in place.

Schedule an Appointment for a MRI Exam in Dallas, TX

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