Benefits Of Going To An Outpatient Imaging Center

Your physician has referred you for an MRI or other imaging scan, but many patients are not aware that they have a choice of facilities. You don’t necessarily need to go to a hospital setting for your test. You can choose an outpatient imaging center, and in fact, there are multiple benefits of going to an outpatient imaging center instead of a hospital.

High Quality

Let’s begin by affirming that the technology, certified radiologists, and technologists at an outpatient imaging center are just as qualified and, in many cases, the equipment may even be of higher quality than a hospital.

Less Expensive

radiologist tech performing imaging scan on middle aged patient

You will find an imaging center to be less expensive in many cases for your imaging test vs a hospital. You may also be able to call ahead of time to get a cost estimate. In addition, most imaging centers accept all private health insurance and will work to get pre-authorization prior to your testing day.

Less Waiting

In most cases, securing an appointment for your imaging test is easier and faster than a hospital. It can take weeks to get an appointment at a large hospital setting, whereas you can sometimes get an appointment in a day or two at an outpatient imaging center. Many centers offer both evening and weekend hours. This is another valuable benefit when you are concerned about the results of an upcoming test.

Limiting Your Anxiety

Some people become nervous just stepping into a hospital. Imaging centers are smaller, more friendly, and patient centered with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Faster Results

In many cases you can get the results of your scan within 24 hours. Inquire about an estimated time you should receive your results.

In and out faster, less expensive, more comforting than a hospital, excellent technology, and quick results are all great benefits of going to an outpatient imaging center.

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