How Much Does A Radiology Exam Cost?

Would you buy a new car without knowing the price? Of course you wouldn’t. So why should you accept that the cost of your healthcare is a secret and not transparent?

The correct answer is you shouldn’t. If Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center recommends you have an X-RayMRI or other type of radiology exam, it’s time to do your homework and find out how much a radiology exam actually costs.

First, Understand Your Options

Radiology exams can be performed at any hospital or at an independent outpatient center, and you get to choose where to go.

You will discover that a hospital setting will likely cost more. Whereas a hospital has more overhead and must be open 24/7 in case of emergencies, an independent outpatient center like Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center is more specialized and does not have the overhead of a hospital.

Doctor and patient in the room of computed tomography

You can choose to go anywhere, so find out the cost, travel distance, and when you can get an appointment. You are likely to discover all three of these considerations will favor Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center. It will be more convenient, easier to park, and you will get a faster appointment at an independent imaging center.

Higher Cost Does Not Equal Higher Quality

As the cost of all healthcare continues to rise, many have joined the ranks of those who believe in “Healthcare Consumerism.” As a consumer you have a right to demand better information and transparency from providers.

You have the option where to have your test, you have the right to know the cost, and you have the responsibility to take charge of your own healthcare.

Hospital settings can cost up to six times what you will pay at an independent radiology center. Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center only has board certified doctors and technicians specializing in radiology whether it be any of the following:

Take Control Of Your Healthcare Be A Smart Consumer

Try calling a hospital and ask for a breakdown of costs for your needed test. Then call an independent outpatient center like Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center with the same question. You will be surprised by the different answers.

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