Choosing the Right Place to Get Your Yearly Mammogram

Let’s be honest, whenever you are scheduled for a mammogram, you feel a bit anxious. Will they find something? Am I going to be called back for another look? Even if you’ve had no symptoms or changes to your breast, you still dread the screening test. Choosing the right place to get your yearly mammogram can actually change those feelings. Find out why.

Yes, It Matters Where You Go

Getting your annual mammography screening is an essential part of your healthcare. If there happens to be an issue, you want the best radiologists on site to read and translate the findings. Pick a facility that is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) in Dallas and has led the area in diagnostic imaging and health screening since 1985, serving thousands of patients from Dallas, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, and across the nation.

Location Is Secondary

You have the choice of facilities that are covered by your insurance, and most policies pay 100% of mammogram costs. Choosing one near your home might be convenient, but if it’s not certified and is using older equipment, you woulddoctor looking at mammogram scan. do better to look elsewhere.

Getting the most accurate mammogram results is essential. The sooner a tumor is detected, the sooner you can receive treatment. Delays make it harder to have a successful result.

Look for Multiple Kinds of Equipment

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center has the staff, technology, and equipment at our imaging center to provide women with all the breast imaging services they require.

Some of the most important equipment includes the following:

  • Advanced 3D imaging mammography is state-of-the-art today. It provides enhanced image quality for faster diagnosis.
  • A breast ultrasound may be used with a diagnostic mammogram to help the doctors determine the questionable area. It uses soundwaves instead of radiation to scan the breast.
  • A breast MRI gives the radiologist more information and details of changes to the breast since it provides images of soft tissue. If you are at a high risk for developing breast cancer, you may have an MRI as part of your normal screening.
  • An abbreviated MRI works for women with dense breasts. Your physician must order this for you.
  • Needle biopsy can be performed to analyze some questionable tissue.

If you are at average risk for breast cancer, it is recommended you begin annual screenings at age 40. If you have a higher risk, you should begin earlier.

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