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How to Prepare Your Child for an X-ray

Pediatric X-rays are common, painless, and safe. Radiologists use the minimum amount of radiation to get the best results. X-rays are used to image bones, organs and other parts of the body to determine any number of illnesses, broken bones, or to locate foreign objects that might have been ingested. They can still be scary for children, so let’s provide some guidelines on how to prepare your child for an X-ray.

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Diagnosing Chest Pain: You May Need A Cardiac CT Scan

Got chest pain? We immediately assume our heart is to blame, but there are many causes for chest pain, and not all heart pains show up in our chest. Men and women experience heart attacks differently. Today, when diagnosing chest pain, you may need a cardiac CT scan to determine what’s going on.

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What Does An Ultrasound Show?

Ultrasounds became a household word when they were utilized for showing images of babies in the womb. They are used to check on the baby’s growth, health, and of course, parents want to know the sex of their child. What an amazing tool an ultrasound is, but that’s not all! There are many other medical uses. What does an ultrasound detect?

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Maximizing Your Health Insurance Benefits Before The End Of The Year

Maximizing your health insurance benefits before the end of the year should be a priority for you and your family. Don’t give up extra benefits just because you are busy or have forgotten about these perks. Now is exactly the time to review what you are still entitled to.

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Are MRI Scans Safe For Children?

Are MRI scans safe for children? Your child’s doctor would never recommend a procedure that could be harmful to your child. So, yes, MRI scans are safe for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Radiology both agree. However, there is a necessary screening process for certain devices that might be implanted in your child’s body.

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Understanding Your Heart Scan Results

A heart scan evaluates the health of your blood vessels. It tells your doctor how much calcified plaque is in your coronary arteries and your risk of developing heart disease or a heart attack in the near future. It is a CT scan that takes 10 minutes to perform, requires no needles, dyes, or medications, but understanding your heart scan results might save your life.

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