Why Do I Need an MRI?


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is done for many conditions for various parts of the body. Most commonly, an MRI scan is done for the:

  • Head – MRI scans are effective in finding tumors, bleeding and blood vessel diseases. They can also detect disorders that affect the brain, such as hormonal disorders, multiple sclerosis and strokes.
  • Blood vessels – An MRA, or magnetic resonance angiography, is used to detect problems in the arteries, such as aneurysms and blocked blood vessels.
  • Abdomen – MRI scans can be used to to detect tumors of the abdominal tissues, detect pelvic organ tumors and find stones or blocked tubes in the tube that carries bile from the liver to bile duct.
  • Chest – A chest MRI can be done for a lot of reasons, such as diagnosing abnormal chest growths, evaluating blood flow, detect issues with blood vessels and lymph nodes and to determine if cancer in the chest has spread to different areas. Some physicians may also use an MRI as an alternative to an angiography.
  • Bones and Joints – Detecting arthritis, bone marrow abnormalities, cartilage abnormalities, torn ligaments and torn tendons are the most common reasons for bone and joint MRI scans. They can also tell if a bone is broken if an X-ray isn’t clear.
  • Spine – An MRI of the spine can check the discs and nerves for spinal stenosis, disc bulges and tumors.

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