Is it Safe for Children to Have an MRI?

Child Radiology Information
When parents find out their child needs an MRI, they are often concerned about the reason they need
an MRI and the safety of having an MRI. Find out everything you need to know before your child gets
an MRI!

Preparing for an MRI

 How much you need to prepare your child for an MRI depends on whether they are getting anesthesia
or not. If your child is not receiving anesthesia, there is no need to for your child to fast beforehand.
However, if they are receiving sedation, your doctor will tell a parent to have their child to start fasting
at a certain time the night before.

What Happens During the MRI?

The actual MRI includes many steps such as:
• The nurse or radiographer will check your child to see if they have dental braces, metal
implants, metal clips or other things that may affect the outcome of the MRI.
• Your child will have to change into a gown.
• During the MRI, your child will lie on the bed for the scan.
• Your child is allowed to listen to a DVD or CD throughout the scan to distract them from the
loud, knocking sound that occurs.
• Once the scan is done, the radiographer or nurse will move the bed out of the scanner and your
child can leave the room.

Are There Any Risks To MRI Scans for Children?

Though MRI scans do give off some radiation, there are no risks associated with children getting an
MRI. The scans are painless and the radiation will not cause any long-term damage. However, if your child wears metal, has a pacemaker or has other implants, it can cause damage. To avoid this from
happening, a thorough exam is done beforehand.
Consult your physician for more information on children getting an MRI.