High Def/Low Dose CT Scans at SWDIC

CT Scan Information

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center has recently acquired three Revolution, High Def/Low Dose CT systems from GE Healthcare.

Benefits of Revolution CT Scan

  • The Revolution CT Scan has wide coverage, allowing it to scan entire organs.
  • It can scan the brain, liver, heart and pancreas in less than a half second, which reduces the duration of time patients need to hold their breath.
  • Revolution CT can diagnose patients with erratic heart beats.
  • Pediatric patients can undergo sedation free, low-dose scanning
  • The CT scan is 50 percent quieter, has softer lighting and a relaxed visual pattern inside the bore, reducing anxiety for patients.

Features of the GE Revolution CT Scan

  • Revolution CT Scan include ASiR-V, which is a low dose iterative reconstruction technology that reduces dose up to 82 percent.
  • Gemstone Clarity detector for 160 mm of coverage in one rotation
  • Spacial resolution of 0.23 mm
  • Built in metal artifact reduction
  • Whole organ coverage enabling 4D imaging for all anatomies to visualize vascular flow, organ motion and kinetic properties.


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