Everyday Habits To Reduce Your Risk For Dementia

If you have had the devastating experience of watching or caring for a loved one with dementia, you understand the toll it takes on the person and everyone around them. Often referred to as “the long goodbye,” you slowly lose that vibrant person you once knew as their cognitive abilities decline. For that reason you may want some guidance on everyday habits to reduce your risk for dementia.

Concentrate On Brain Health

No matter your age, but especially if you are over 60, challenge your brain with everyday activities. Do crossword puzzles, tabletop puzzles, or sign up for a course. There are many classes you can take through your local community college. Be sure your eyes are healthy and never stop reading. Play cards with your family or even solitaire on the computer.

Never stop using your brain.

Keep Up With Friends And Socialize On A Regular Basis

senior friends spending time together and laughing

It can become harder to get together with friends as you age, but make the effort. Engaging with relatives, getting out and visiting a museum or public garden, or just making dinner conversation can keep your brain active.

Stay Physically Active

That can just mean taking a walk every day. Ride a bike, try yoga, or join a local class with a friend. Swimming is another cardio exercise you can do at any age. It is beneficial for your heart, weight, circulation, and overall well being. Any type of regular exercise keeps your brain healthy too!

Get Your Needed ZZZs

Sufficient sleep plays a major role in brain health. In fact, sleep disorders significantly increase your risk for dementia. It follows that getting a restful night sleep each night will reduce your risk for dementia. Those adults in their forties and fifties should prioritize a good night’s sleep.

Find Ways To De-Stress

Depression and anxiety seem to be linked to dementia. Talk with Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center about medications or other ways to reduce your stress and treat depression.

Your Diet Plays A Role

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk for dementia. A study from Rush University in Chicago found that following a modified Mediterranean diet can reduce your risk by as much as 50%. You can read more about the MIND diet here. Eating more healthy fats, fruits and leafy veggies, berries, plus low fat dairy will help with blood pressure and prevent heart disease too.

Non-Smokers and Casual Drinkers Have Better Brain Health

If you currently smoke, do whatever you can to stop. It’s never too late to quit. Keep drinking to a minimum to protect your brain.

You can’t turn back the clock and there is currently no cure for dementia, so do everything you can to reduce your risk.

Contact Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center if you or someone you love is worried about developing dementia.

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