4 Myths About Diagnostic Imaging

Many people believe radiology services, that includes x-rays, MRIs, mammograms, and ultrasounds, can be harmful to patients, but the majority of these beliefs are myths. Here are a few common radiology myths discussed.

Any Amount of Radiation Exposure is Dangerous

myths of radiologyWhile any exam involving radiation exposure should only be done when there is a medical reason for it, the radiation levels in a scan or test are not harmful. The radiation is targeted to the specific body part being screened and a lead apron is sometimes used to reduce the amount of radiation your body is exposed to. Radiation can be harmful in large doses without proper supervision, but our radiologists ensure the proper use of our quality imaging and screening equipment. People are exposed to natural radiation everyday in small amounts, which isn’t harmful either.

X-Rays Can Cause Radiation Side Effects

The small level of radiation you’re exposed to for medical imaging is not dangerous to your long term health and will not cause side effects either. It is a myth that radiation from x-rays, MRIs, and other radiology scans and imaging make you feel sick or give you a headache. As stated earlier, when imaging equipment is used properly by the highly trained radiologists at PRACTICE, the radiation levels are low and targeted to one area of your body.

Getting X-Rays While Pregnant is Harmful

It is also a myth that x-rays and other screenings can be harmful during a pregnancy. Any scans taken during your pregnancy of any other area of your body besides your abdomen will be targeted to that area. Ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves and are necessary to assist doctors throughout your pregnancy. They do not cause harm to the fetus during a pregnancy.

I need to be Referred to get an Annual Mammogram

You may be referred to radiology services at our office in Dallas, but you do not need to be referred for all services. Mammograms, specifically, are recommended every year for women over the age of 40. Contact us if you have any questions about scheduling a mammogram online.

Our radiologists are highly skilled and will customize your exam or preventative screening to help get an accurate diagnosis while keeping your overall health in mind. Our state-of-the-art equipment can provide life-saving results when medical imaging is necessary. Call or visit online to schedule an appointment.


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