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March is National Nutrition Month

Girl eating healthy“Go Further With Food” is the theme for the 2018 National Nutrition Month. Each year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics holds a campaign to showcase how to eat right regardless of your lifestyle.

Before you decide this doesn’t apply to you and your family, think again. Our lives are busy and it’s easy to lose proper focus on what we eat each day. After school activities, work, scheduling conflicts, and multitasking, in general, can all present challenges to maintaining a healthy diet.

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Meet our Employee of the Quarter!

Meet our Employee of the Quarter!

Renae M., RN – Myelogram Coordinator: She has really gone above and beyond, this last quarter especially. We were short staffed at the busiest time of the year. She came in on her days off, filled in with training our new nurse and on many occasions she took care of employee health related duties also. She has floated to all departments without having to be asked to check on her coworkers. She has been the person we can depend on most with the green slips while Dwayne was out. We know we can depend on Renae, not just as an outstanding nurse and employee, but also as a role model. We truly appreciate her being a great team player. Continue reading “Meet our Employee of the Quarter!”

Employee of the Quarter (Technical Services)

Meet our Employee of the Quarter (Technical Services):

Darlene H. – Confirmations Supervisor: We are so very fortunate to have Darlene leading our Confirmations department. Her leadership in that department is an exceptional example of dedication, integrity, and teamwork. The confirmation department, under Darlene’s supervision, has brought about many positive changes to strengthen, grow and continue keeping the standards of high customer care at SWDIC.

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Employee of the Quarter (Business Services)

Meet our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services!

Adoracion B. – Suite 102 Admitting: Hearing that the Medical Records Department was short staffed she voluntarily offered up her assistance to the File Room. After they needed supervisory and administrative approvals, Adoracion spent two days helping medical records through an acute crisis. What a demonstration of a true team player and going out of her way to be kind/supportive to other employees.

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When to have a Bone Density Test to Detect Osteoporosis

DEXA Screening

A bone scan is the only way to diagnose osteoporosis before a broken bone happens. A bone density test, or DEXA scan, may be done on your hip or spine to estimate your bone density and determine if treatment is necessary.

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Employee of the Quarter – Business Services

Congratulations to Cathryn, our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services!

Cathryn works the scan desk, but goes above and beyond by scheduling, logging and assisting schedulers as well. She is very flexible when the departments need coverage and has amazing customer service. Cathryn works well with our internal departments, both technical and support! She has definitely become a “go to” staff member for several within our company.

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Meet our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services

Meet our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services:

Yolanda H. does a wonderful job of handling the department in the evenings and resolving any issues that arise. She really shines at collections and double checking the patient’s paperwork to ensure no mistakes were made.

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Employee of the Quarter (Technical Division)

Meet our Employee of the Quarter four our Technical Division:

Hannah’s positive attitude and willingness to do whatever is asked of her is amazing. In one year of employment at SWDIC, she has not only learned but excelled in everything we have asked her to do. Hannah’s beautiful smile and can do attitude is contagious. I have been approached by Technical Supervisors and staff members letting me know what a great employee Hannah is and how much they appreciate her help throughout the center. SWDIC is very lucky to have such a dedicated, self-motivated and true example of a team player. Continue reading “Employee of the Quarter (Technical Division)”

Holiday Hours

We will be observing the holidays on the following days:

November 24th  – Closed

December 25th & 26th – Closed

January 1st & 2nd – Closed

Check back here for updates on holiday hours, and Happy Holidays from Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center!

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