Thyroid FNA Analysis in Dallas

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center uses Thyroid FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) Analysis to determine whether a lump (nodule) in your thyroid gland is likely to be benign or malignant (cancerous). Although most thyroid nodules are benign, the only way to be sure is to look closely at the cells that make up your nodule.

Thyroid FNA Test Procedure

During the FNA, our radiologist will use a very thin needle (smaller than one used to draw blood) to collect cells from one or more nodules. The procedure should take only a few minutes and is usually no more painful than a tiny pinch.

Next, the FNA sample is sent to a cytopathologist – a physician who diagnoses by examining cells. The cytopathologist determines that the nodule is likely benign or malignant, your doctor will contact you with your final Thyroid FNA Analysis result and a recommended treatment plan if necessary.



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