Cardiac MRI in Dallas, TX

An MRI is a non-invasive medical test that allows radiologists to diagnose coronary artery disease and other heart problems. Some of the common uses of a heart MRI include:

  • Evaluating symptoms of coronary artery disease, such as blood flow to the heart
  • Evaluating scarring caused from a heart attack
  • Diagnosing inflammatory conditions of the heart
  • Diagnosing cardiovascular tumors
  • Diagnosing cardiovascular infections
  • Evaluating the anatomy of the heart chambers, valves and blood flow through vessels.
  • Planning treatment for heart disease

How to prepare for an MRI

Most MRI exams require patients to prepare in the following ways:

  • Review of medical history to notify the radiologist if a patient has serious health problems. During this time, women will need to let the radiologist know if there is a possibility they are pregnant.
  • If you are claustrophobic, a mild sedative may be necessary prior to the exam
  • All jewelry and metal objects need to be removed before entering the exam room

How to get results from my MRI

The team of board-certified radiologists at SWDIC in Dallas, TX will analyze the images and send a report to your primary care physician. Your primary care physician will then review the results with you. Depending on the results, a follow-up appointment may be necessary.

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