Virtual Colonoscopy in Dallas, TX

Virtual colonoscopy is a minimally invasive exam to screen for cancer of the large intestine (colon cancer). Discuss your colon cancer screening options with your doctor to determine whether virtual colonoscopy is the right option for you.

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center provides virtual colonoscopies for patients getting colon cancer screening. We are dedicated to promptly addressing your questions while providing the highest quality of care to ease any concerns you may have. For more information about virtual colonoscopy, please don’t hesitate to call our imaging center at (214) 345-6905.

Why Are Virtual Colonoscopy Done?

Your doctor may suggest a virtual colonoscopy if you:

  • Are reluctant to have a traditional colonoscopy with sedation
  • Have no risk factors (are not at high risk for colon cancer)
  • Have a bowel obstruction
  • Have had an incomplete colonoscopy

How To Prepare for a Virtual Colonoscopy Exam at SWDIC

Prior to the exam, a patient undergoes a bowel prep and special diet to cleanse the colon. Adherence to this special diet and bowel preparation is very important to ensure that the colon is adequately cleansed for a more accurate assessment. At the time of scheduling, you will be instructed to come to our Dallas office 3 days before your appointment to pick up a prep kit or the kit can be mailed to you. The instructions will be reviewed with you by one of our nurses when you are in possession of your kit.

The virtual colonoscopy is performed by a registered CT Technologist. No driver is needed.

What To Expect Durning Your Virtual Colonoscopy Exam

During a virtual colonoscopy, the procedure begins with the patient lying on their side on an exam table, with their knees near their chest. A healthcare expert will insert a small tube into the patient’s rectum to introduce air into the colon. Position changes and occasional breath-holding may be required. Typically, the exam lasts around 15 minutes.


Schedule Your Virtual Colonoscopy at Southwest Diagnostic Imaging

Open 7 days a week, Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center is a full-range, experienced, state-of-the-art imaging center in Dallas. Our mission is to provide unsurpassed patient care, the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology, and the highest standards of quality. If you are in need of a virtual colonoscopy, please contact our office at (214) 345-6905 to schedule an appointment today!