Employee Testimonials

Andi S – Materials Manager

Southwest Diagnostic is a great place to work, patient care and satisfaction is top notch. We equally have excellent colleagues who are professional, relaxed, and friendly to be around.

Lyndon C – Administrative Assistant

When I started with Southwest Diagnostic I was told, “we are the best at what we do.”  I’ve come to see that what has always made us the best is found in the people, in the actions of my coworkers and leadership around us.   The caring heart at the core of the way we treated patients, family members, doctors, and each other and the pride in the quality of our work, holds others around us to keep to the higher standard that people have come to expect of us.  I’ve grown to love being part of the best, though it hasn’t been easy to hold that title.  It’s takes hard work, personal growth, and occasional correction to maintain the standards required to be called the best, and to keep that as whole company… that calls for everyone, from top to bottom, to hold to this mentality, or rather mission, with a caring heart.  I’ve worked here for many years, and some may perceive me as holding to an “old fashion” mentality of company loyalty to Southwest Diagnostic because of that but, I don’t see company loyalty in me.  I’m here because I desire to be in the company of people whose mission is being the best at caring.

Terry S – Scheduling

I enjoy the fast pace and variety of work in the scheduling department.  Every day is unique and never boring.  Even after being here for so many years, I continue to learn almost every day.

Marisol S – Research Coordinator

I am very proud to say I have worked for Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center for more than 20 years.  SWDIC and CMI are a company whose mission is “to provide unsurpassed patient care” and we do exactly that.  I am elated when I hear patients or doctors’ offices say that everyone at SWDIC and CMI is caring and great.  SWDIC and CMI doesn’t just care about their patients but the employees too.  SWDIC has made my contributions feel appreciated and they have encouraged my growth.  This company is full of diverse dedicated employees that respect and support each other like family.

Kelly T – CT Supervisor

I have worked at Southwest Imaging for 34 years and love it for the high standards we set for patient care. It’s not just a job to me, we are a family that shares a unique purpose in serving others with a heartfelt, compassionate Imaging experience.