What Is Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging (or diagnostic radiology) is a particular field of medicine focused on identifying the source to a patient’s medical problems. Many symptoms can be vague and non-specific, making these types of diagnostic tests incredibly important to the treatment patients may receive.

Diagnostic radiology may also be utilized as a preventative screening tool, or to monitor the progress of a prescribed method of treatment.

Diagnostic Radiology Versus Interventional Radiology

As mentioned, diagnostic radiology hinges on the ability to determine the cause of a patient’s discomfort or abnormal symptoms. Interventional radiology includes these diagnostic tools, and also offers a treatment for those with a clear outcome.

An interventional radiologist is a board certified, fellowship trained physician that specializes in performing minimally invasive treatments involving radiation. Such minimally invasive procedures are completed using one or more of the diagnostic tests already discussed. For example, an interventional radiologist will often position a catheter by watching a monitor in front of them that displays the location of the catheter using X-ray, CT, MRI or other diagnostic imaging technology.

Interventional radiology is often used to treat various forms of vascular disease in addition to uterine fibroids, strokes, or even different types of cancer.

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