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Meet our Employee of Quarter for our Technical Division: Shauna D., Research Project Coordinator/Imaging Services AA: Shauna demonstrated excellent leadership skills in the recent renovation of Suite 100. She was part of a multi-disciplinary team that met with contractors, architects, and THD building engineering to develop and implement the renovation plan. During the renovation process, […]

Employee of the Quarter for Business Services: Marina G

Meet our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services: Marina G. Marina G. – Scheduling Marina has just met her year with SWDIC and has already proven herself to be a valuable employee. Her productivity is the highest in the Scheduling department and is incredibly accurate. She works to ensure her callers are satisfied with […]

A Guide To Imaging Scans For Those Who Are Claustrophobic

If you begin to sweat and find your heart pounding when you enter an elevator full of people, you may have claustrophobia. Those who are even mildly claustrophobic find it uncomfortable to fly or even go through a tunnel when traveling.

What Can An Ultrasound Tell You?

Friends and relatives of a pregnant mom are treated to pictures and videos of the growing fetus these days through social media platforms like Facebook, so it’s no surprise that ultrasounds are done earlier and earlier. An ultrasound can tell you many secrets like the gender of the baby unlike decades ago when it would […]

Meet our Employee of the Quarter (Technical Services)

Meet our Employee of Quarter (Technical Services) Andrea, better known as “Andi”, makes sure every department has the supplies and/or linens they need daily in a very timely manner. She is adamant about keeping supplies at par levels or below to avoid excessive inventory stocked on shelves. For those items needed that are not routinely […]

Employee of the Quarter (Business Services)

Meet and learn about our Employee of the Quarter, we are so very lucky to have her! Jean J. – Admitting: Jean constantly maintains a very high quality of work ensuring that every patient is greeted and quickly taken care of. She volunteered to be the visit coordinator backup learning all the intricacies of that […]

Make Heart Health An Everyday Thing

One can hardly pick up a frozen dinner, boxed cereal, or any prepackaged food and not notice the “Heart Healthy” label splashed all over the item. Relying on these marketing ploys alone will likely NOT provide much that is truly heart healthy. You don’t have to scrupulously count calories or become obsessive about your diet […]

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our remarkable brain helps us to remember yesterday’s events as well as those from a decade ago. It helps us to organize tasks, make decisions and plan activities in an orderly fashion. We learn, and we consider proper behavior to live a productive life. Our brain also acts as the conductor leading the orchestra of […]

Employee of the Quarter (Business Services)

Meet our Employee of the Quarter for Business Services!   Kelly M.– Admitting: Kelly has diligently taken on learning, keeping current on constant changes, and working the visit coordinator position all while continuing to perform at a very high level in her Patient Care Coordinator role. She brings a ceaseless effort to everything she does […]

Employee of the Quarter (Technical Division)

Meet our Employee of the Quarter for our Technical Division! Crystal N. – Business Systems: Crystal has effectively juggled multiple system tasks to include but certainly not limited to being liaison for 3 server builds; successfully assisting with vendor development of new SWDIC technology to better serve our patients; the development and implementation of new […]