Our board-certified radiologists in Dallas, TX provide a range of radiology services, such as MRI, CT (CAT) Scans, X-rays and more. Here, you can learn more about MRIs from the team here at Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center.

MRI Services for Dallas County

Brain MRI Dallas

An MRI is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, including medical conditions in the brain.  » Read more about: Brain MRI Dallas  »

Is it Safe for Children to Have an MRI?

When parents find out their child needs an MRI, they are often concerned about the reason they need
an MRI and the safety of having an MRI. Find out everything you need to know before your child gets
an MRI!  » Read more about: Is it Safe for Children to Have an MRI?  »

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Prostate MRI

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men. In fact, one in six men will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. Like any cancer, diagnosing and treating prostate cancer in its early stages is vital. The new prostate MRI at Southwest Diagnostic Imaging makes diagnosing prostate cancer easier than other technologies.  » Read more about: Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Prostate MRI  »

Open MRI Facts

Open MRIs provide patients with many benefits over closed MRIs.  » Read more about: Open MRI Facts  »

CT Scan vs. MRI – Which is Better?

A lot of people question the difference between an MRI and a CT Scan. Which is better? Why should I have one instead of the other? These questions are common and it’s important to know why you are getting either a CT scan or an MRI.  » Read more about: CT Scan vs. MRI – Which is Better?  »